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Conveniently located in the beautiful bay of Panormos beach, John's taverna is within a pebble's throw from the sea. Cool off in the deep blue, crystal clear waters of Panormos and enjoy a delicious "meze", (starter), while sipping at ouzo in our taverna. The idyllic sunsets will reward you every evening with the dramatic colours of the sun, setting behind the bay.

Regina Studios are located 300 meters further up  which lets you enjoy full views of Panormos bay with its magnificent sunsets and views of the Aegean sea. An easy 5 min. walk from the premises, will lead you to the beach.


Located half way down the west coast of Skopelos, Panormos Beach is not only one of the most beautiful spots on the island, but in between other great beaches and attractions you can enjoy.

  • Milia beach is only a 2 minute drive away, (approx. 1 km), and is the longest beach in Skopelos. Split naturally in half by a group of rocks in the middle, you can either choose the right half, which is usually quieter or the left side, that also has a great beach bar. Here you can also enjoy some water sport activities, or, hire a boat, (with or without a license), and explore this beautiful coast.

    Agios Ioannis chapel - Skopelos

    Agios Ioannis - Mamma mia chapel

  • Kastani beach, or also known as the Mamma Mia beach,(approx. 1,5 km), located right after Milia beach. This is where the notorious beach scenes where filmed in the movie and the flipper dancers dived off the jetty. Although smaller in size then the previous beach, this beautiful cove has some of the prettiest turquoise sea colours. You can now enjoy various drinks, cocktails, snacks and coffees in the spacious, Mamma Mia Lounge Bar, nesting at the back of the beach.
  • Elios village, or Neo Klima, further down the coast, (approx. 3 km), is a peaceful, sleepy village where nothing ever seems to drastically happen or change. Some great tavernas can be found here with fresh fish that are scattered along its waterfront.
  • The chapel of Agios Ioannis, (Mamma Mia Chappel), located further down the coast is a site not to be missed. As you drive down there, through the many twists and turns of the road, you will first glimpse the white dotted rock out on the sea. As you approach the end of the road, the tiny chapel appears gracefully on top while the multiple steps that lead up, (over 100), coil up the rock. It is a great challenge to climb up and down, though not for the faint hearted. You can refresh with a cool drink from the canteen that you will find just before the end of the road, and have a cool dip in the sea, using one of the small beaches that rest next to the rock.  

  • By ferry boat: once you land in Skiathos airport you will have just one more step to reach Skopelos. You can get a taxi to Skiathos port, and get your tickets for Skopelos from one of the ticket offices there. You can then hop on to the next available ferry crossing the islands, either to Skopelos main port or Glossa port. Travelling to Skopelos by high speed catamaranRegina Studios are slightly closer to the port of Glossa. It is advisable to pre-book tickets in advance, especially during the busy months of July and August. Conventional ferry boats will usually have plenty of seats, but faster,high speed vessels need to be reserved in advance. You can check schedules and pre-book tickets in the following sites: